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Sales Enablement

Derive insights from every customer interaction to match a customer's wants and needs
to products and services at scale.

Use ReFocus AI
Customer Acquisition

Real-time Data Powered Insights

Maximize your sales opportunities by knowing your prospect's wants and needs before the first interaction.

A list of Cross-Sell Contacts
A graph of Cross-Sell opportunities
A retention pie-chart
Client Retention List
Revenue Generation

Supercharge Revenue

With real-time insights into a buyer's wants and needs, maximize every account rounding opportunity.

Channel Optimization

Streamline the sales process

Align opportunities to the sales process, increasing customer adoption of products and services.

Pie chart of coverage
Breakdown of insurance clients
Don't speak AI?

No problem, we do.

ReFocus AI uses live data to strengthen decision making, streamline the sales process, and
ensure customer success.