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With native AMS and CRM integrations, sync policy
data in real-time, enable one-click posting, and create follow-up tasks in your system

Increase retention

Streamline Insurance renewals

Align retention to the policy lifecycle so that you communicate with the policyholder to maximize marketing and increase lifetime value.

Revenue Generation

Supercharge Revenue

Grow more from your existing customers. Unlock which accounts have more budget to spend with you to enable more cross-sell and upsell opportunities for agents, brokers, and DTC-carriers.

Customer Experience

Real-time Retention Insights

Power your management system with personal and small commercial retention opportunities up to 6-months before expiration.

Improve Retention on Day One

How It Works

ReFocus AI uses live data to strengthen decision making, streamline the retention process, and ensure customer success.

Upload data or connect your management system

We analyze your data to identify correlations with retention

You get actionable insights based on your own data

Retention is increased by up to 5%

Priority at-risk accounts are identified and are added to the renewal workflow

Before the expiration date, account cancellation risk is predicted

Profitability Improvement Calculator

An essential factor in agency profitability is successful business retention. Improving retention
ensures that agencies:

Reduce replacement acquisition costs for non-renewed business.

Retention is increased by up to 5%

Increase per-agent and per-policy profitability.

ReFocus AI has developed this profitability improvement calculator to quantify these benefits. Your journey to improved retention success begins with a free workshop to tune the model to your requirements and business strategies

Scenario: Projected Retention Rate Improvement of 0%
Agency Premium
Revenue Growth
5 Year Cumulative
Premium Change
ROI Estimate

What Your Peers Say

Knowing which customers are likely to churn improves your profitability

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